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Pure Tussar Georgette with Meenakari - Banarasi Saree

Pure Tussar Georgette with Meenakari - Banarasi Saree

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A pure Banarasi  Tussar Georgette saree combines the rich heritage of Banarasi silk weaving with the unique texture of Tussar silk. These sarees are known for their luxurious fabric, intricate weaving, and traditional motifs, making them highly coveted for special occasions like weddings and festivals.


  • Banarasi Silk. Known for its fine silk and opulent zari work.Tussar Silk: Also called "Kosa Silk", it is a type of wild silk with a unique texture and natural silver sheen. 
  • Khaddi Weaving: A traditional handloom weaving technique that produces a distinctive texture and pattern.


Available in a wide range of colors, often vibrant and rich to enhance the festive and opulent look.


combination of these elements results in a luxurious saree that showcases the exquisite craftsmanship of Banarasi weavers, blending the rich texture of Tussar silk with detailed and colorful designs.

  • Meenakari: A traditional art form that involves decorating the saree with colorful, intricate patterns. Originally used in jewelry making, this technique has been adapted to textile design
  • Zari Work: Inspect the zari work closely; real zari is made from silver threads. 


Handwoven by skilled artisans in Varanasi (Banaras), preserving traditional weaving techniques passed down through generations.

  • Authenticity: Ensure the saree is handwoven and not a machine-made replica. Authentic Banarasi Khaddi Tussar sarees often come with a certification of authenticity.
  • Quality of Silk: Check for the quality of both the Banarasi and Tussar silk. Genuine Tussar silk has a distinct texture and sheen.

Dry Clean Only: Due to the delicate nature of the fabric and intricate weaving

pure Banarasi  Tussar Georgette saree with Meenakari  is a masterpiece of traditional Indian textile art. Its luxurious fabric, intricate weaving, and detailed Meenakari patterns make it a perfect choice for special occasions and a treasured addition to any wardrobe.

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