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Pure Crush Tissue Banarasi Saree - Chikankari Work

Pure Crush Tissue Banarasi Saree - Chikankari Work

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A pure crush tissue Banarasi saree is a luxurious and elegant type of saree known for its unique texture and sheen, created using a special handloom technique from Banaras. These sarees are crafted from fine silk and feature a crinkled, "crushed" texture, often embellished with intricate gold or silver zari work, making them ideal for special occasions.


The pure crush tissue Banarasi saree is crafted using traditional handloom techniques from Banaras, renowned for its distinctive crinkled texture and shimmering appearance. The process involves weaving fine silk threads to create a delicate, crushed tissue effect.


The primary material used is high-quality silk, which provides a smooth, lustrous base. The silk is often sourced from the Banaras (Varanasi) region, known for its premium quality and sheen. Despite its rich appearance, the fabric is lightweight and soft, making it comfortable to wear for long durations. The blend of silk and metallic threads ensures durability while maintaining a delicate feel


A beautiful colour Shine Lavender saree


The saree is made from high-quality silk blended with metallic threads (gold or silver zari). This combination not only makes the saree lightweight and comfortable but also imparts a rich, shimmering effect that is both elegant and opulent.

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