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Pure Chiffon Georgette Water Zari - Banarasi Saree

Pure Chiffon Georgette Water Zari - Banarasi Saree

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Pure Chiffon Georgette Water Zari combines elements of both Georgette and chiffon fabrics, enhanced with Water Zari work.


  • Georgette: A lightweight, sheer fabric with a slightly crinkled texture and excellent drape. It's traditionally made from silk but can also be found in synthetic versions.
  • Chiffon: Another lightweight, sheer fabric known for its delicate, soft, and flowing nature. Also traditionally made from silk, chiffon can be made from synthetic fibers like polyester.
  • Pure: Indicates that the fabric is made from 100% silk, ensuring a luxurious feel and high quality.


A beautiful colour Triple Shade saree


  • Weaving: The base fabric is woven in a plain weave pattern, creating a sheer, lightweight material.
  • Water Zari: Zari work involves the use of metallic threads, traditionally gold or silver, to create intricate patterns on the fabric. Water Zari specifically uses a technique where the metallic threads are woven in such a way that they appear fluid and seamless, giving a smooth, shimmering effect reminiscent of flowing water.


  • Luxurious Feel: The combination of silk chiffon and Georgette ensures a soft, luxurious touch and excellent drape, ideal for high-end fashion.Elegance: The sheer, flowing nature of the fabric, enhanced by the shimmering Water Zari work, makes it perfect for elegant, formal garments like sarees, evening gowns, and bridal wear.
  • Craftsmanship: The intricate Water Zari technique showcases expert craftsmanship, adding to the fabric's uniqueness and appeal.Versatility: Suitable for a variety of garments, this fabric can be used in dresses, sarees, blouses, and other apparel where an elegant, delicate appearance is desired.

Banarasi Weaving

  • Banarasi Saree: Originating from Varanasi (Banaras), India, these sarees are renowned for their rich, intricate designs and fine silk. They often feature Mughal-inspired motifs such as floral patterns, foliate designs, and intricate brocades.

In summary, a Pure Chiffon Georgette Water Zari Banarasi Saree is a luxurious, elegant garment that combines the best of traditional Indian weaving with modern techniques, making it a sought-after choice for those looking to make a sophisticated and cultural fashion statement.

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