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Banarasi pure Kora Silk Saree-Chikankari Work

Banarasi pure Kora Silk Saree-Chikankari Work

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Kora Silk Banarasi sarees are a distinctive and luxurious type of saree originating from Varanasi, India. The technique of crafting these sarees involves a meticulous process that combines traditional weaving methods with intricate designs. Here is an overview of the key aspects involved in the creation of Kora Silk Banarasi sarees:

  • Technique - Kora, also known as organza, is a type of silk that is lightweight and sheer with a crisp texture. It is made from tightly twisted silk fibers, resulting in a strong and durable fabric.
  • Colour: A beautiful colour Sky Blue saree
  • Fabric - Kora Silk Banarasi saree fabric is renowned for its luxurious feel, elegant appearance, and intricate craftsmanship. Here’s a detailed look at the fabric characteristics and the weaving process:

Kora silk is a lightweight fabric that is semi-transparent with a crisp and stiff texture.Smooth Finish: Despite its stiffness, Kora silk has a smooth and lustrous finish, making it visually appealing.

  • Speciality - The Banarasi Kora Silk saree is a distinguished and highly regarded type of saree known for its unique qualities and cultural significance. Here are the key specialities of Banarasi Kora Silk sarees

Banarasi Kora Silk sarees feature intricate and elaborate designs, including floral patterns, paisleys, geometric shapes, and Mughal-inspired motifs.

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